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Why Curizon?

Curizon is an online panel community of esteemed professionals who are shaping the future of healthcare by taking part in paid market research studies.

Most of the research is conducted via online survey which allows participation to suit the active and dynamic schedules of our members.

Joining the Curizon panel is a great way for healthcare professionals to expand their impact while simultaneously earning extra income.

Who can Register?

Who can register?
Physicians (post-residency MDs/DOs)
Physician Assistants
Dental Professionals
Pharmacy Professionals
Medical Office Professionals
Emergency Medical Services

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Curizon is...

How does it work?

As a Curizon member, you receive invitations to surveys based on your profession/specialty.  The invitations include survey related information such as compensation offered, length of time to complete, expected closing date and any other important details you may need to know.

Participation is at your convenience and you only respond to those that are of interest to you - there is never any obligation!

When you qualify* for and complete a study in full, the compensation is added to your online account where you easily redeem it via our Rewards options (Rewards vary by country and can be viewed here).

Want to know more?  Visit our FAQs or Contact Us for additional information.

*Every research opportunity will include a few preliminary screening questions to ensure that the participants meet the pre-determined requirements of that specific study.  Qualification requirements for all studies will differ and are established by the research designers and sponsors; they are simply for the purpose of including/excluding the correct audience for that specific study.  We encourage members to complete any Profile Surveys available in their account to help us best target invitations and increase likelihood of qualification.